FAQ 2014

Who attends Games for Health?

Games for Health routinely sees 400-500 attendees across three days of events composed of game developers, health professionals, investors, researchers, and health industry stakeholders. Attendees come mostly from all over the United States but are often joined by representatives from over a dozen countries around the globe. Many attendees are from large organizations including public tech and health companies, major insurers, large research universities, and game development studios big and small.

What sort of talks and products are on the schedule?

The great aspect of the Games for Health Conference is its diversity. You will see ideas, demos, research, and new startups that comprise a wide spectrum of health-related applications of games and game technologies. This includes efforts for personal health, neurotherapeutics, exercise and sensorimotor rehab, nutrition, healthcare training, and epidemiology — the Games for Health Conference features a total gamut of activity. Our goal is to bring you not only this wide range of activity, but also the best practices across it all. Among all this activity, talks cover basic issues in building, deploying, and researching the applications of games in health and health care. Increasingly, as the field matures, we’re also seeing more emphasis on business development and distribution as work moves from formative and experimental stages to full-scale deployment and sustainable business development.

Is there a student discount?

Yes. Students must send an email showing proof of undergrad, grad, or post-doc status to the conference using a form. Once received and evaluated, we will send you a student discount code that gets you 50% off the current ticket price. Please understand that student discount spots are limited and may be refused for any reason.

Do you offer group rates?

If you have 5 or more attendees planning to come to the conference, please contact us at 1-207-773-3700 and we can work with you for a discounted group rate. Groups must be from the same organization. We retain the right to refuse any discounts at our discretion.

Is there a discount for anyone else?

No. As much as we’d like to provide the entire event for free, or help those who are on tight budgets, we are not providing any discounts beyond discount codes that we, or others, may share as part of co-marketing and promotion arrangements.

Can I volunteer for Games for Health?

We do have volunteer spots available. Fill out this form, and we will get back to you shortly. Preference for volunteering will go to students in game development or health-related degree programs.

I saw there is a discount code and I want to use it, but I’ve already registered. Can I do this?

If the code is still valid and you wish to do the work you may cancel and re-register. We don’t provide retro-discounts as a service.

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