Schedule 2013

Games for Health and its related Games Beyond Entertainment Week events run across the week of June 24, 2013, in Boston, Massachusetts.

Our session-by-session schedule is online here!

Across a week we call Games Beyond Entertainment, you can attend any one or more of the following great Games for Health produced events:

Serious Games Tutorials Day
Tuesday (June 25, 2013)

This day is devoted to deep dives on designing, producing, and deploying serious games with a special focus on games for health and behavior change. Topics cover a wide range of important areas including fundamentals of serious games, technology trends, finding and hiring talent, and specific design frameworks that can help quickly organize projects. The heart of this tutorial draws on a decade of experience in the serious games field. The intimate gathering of attendees provides ample time for questions and discussions. If you are developing or commissioning serious game work, this tutorial is well worth attending and provides a great kickoff to the events that follow.

Communities & Emerging Markets Day

Wednesday (June 26, 2013)

Five distinctive tracks are offered as part of our key pre-conference event. During this day you will find your tribe among a number of incredible communities and emerging spaces within the great games for health field. Traditionally we’ve held three events during this time, but in 2013 we’re expanding to offer five events, each with their own flavor, schedule, community leaders, and attendees:

  • Ludica Medica: Medical Modeling, Simulation, & Learning with Games
  • Out & About: The Mobile Serious Games Conference
  • Enabled Play: Games Accessibility Day
  • Games for Global Health
  • Enterprise Wellness Day
  • Come Out & Play Festival: Boston

Together these events give you access to the best work, and most committed companies, researchers, and stakeholders for these topics. Although you can jump around from event to event and sample, the day is designed as 5 custom events with each intended to serve its community in the best way possible.

Games for Health Day 1

Thursday (June 27, 2013)

Day one of our prime event includes two keynote presentations, an extended morning plenary, and over two dozen breakout sessions. This year our breakout sessions are divided among four core tracks on day 1. The first two tracks are prime content focused on the best projects, research, and technologies we’ve gathered for 2013. Our third track includes field briefings on critical segments of the games for health field. These new briefing sessions are designed to summarize each important sector and highlight both the state-of-the-art for that area of activity and the unmet opportunities and open questions. As designed, the briefings enable any attendee to gather the intelligence they need to better invest, partner, and succeed in some of the exciting sectors of the games for health field. Our fourth track is a continuous series of hands-on demo sessions of great games past, present, and future. Hear how they were conceived, funded, constructed, researched, and deployed and the incredible stories they represent straight from the people who are building the best health-oriented games around.

Our exhibit space also opens up today. Expanded efforts are underway to present more research posters, enable more hands-on demos and demonstrations, as well as present the first ever “Games for Health Theater” featuring short videos and product demo trailers of the best work past and present in the space.

After it’s all over, join us for an evening reception and opportunities for dinner out on the town with like-minded developers, researchers, health professionals, and industry stakeholders.

Games for Health Day 2

Friday (June 28, 2013)

Day two of our prime event includes a morning keynote, followed by two dozen breakout sessions.  Day 2 is devoted to exploring underlying issues of design, business development, and research that drive the overall games for health field. Featuring a deeper dive into business development to support the increasing and exciting commercialization of games for health products, this final day for Games for Health promises to help establish stronger opportunities to find investment, gain advice on sustainable practices, and explore where leaders feel the opportunities lie in the years ahead. Day 2 also features research meet-ups, group crowdsourcing activities, and the continuation of our exhibit space.

When our day completes we will be joined by a special guest who will encourage us to think beyond our own sphere of influence in bigger and different ways.

Come Out & Play Festival Boston

Saturday & Sunday (June 29-30, 2013)

We’re working with the New York-based Come Out & Play Festival to create the first-ever Boston-area version of this wonderful event. Come Out & Play is an annual festival of street games that turns New York City into a giant playground. The festival focuses on all sorts of new game designs for outdoor individual and group games. Some use computers to create previously impossible forms of gameplay, while others apply new ideas in game design to create great new everyday games that can be played in outdoor environments of all shapes and sizes.

Working with the organizers of the Come Out & Play Festival, the Games for Health Project will bring together existing games and new ideas from both the Come Out & Play Festival community and the Games for Health Community to create a unique event we hope to make a staple part of the conference for years to come.

The Come Out & Play Festival will be open to the general public and to Games for Health event attendees.  Events will take place in Cambridge and Boston. More details will be released later this spring.

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