2011 Conference


Part of Games Beyond Entertainment Week

The 7th Annual Games for Health Conference is gearing up! On May 18-19 join hundreds of game developers, health professionals, and leading researchers to discover, brainstorm, and debate how videogames and videogames technologies can work to improve health and health care.

This is the largest Games for Health to date with a great opening keynote from Dr. Martin Seligman, Director of the Positive Psychology Center at the University of Pennsylvania. His opening talk “Positive Psychology>Positive Computing>Positive Videogames” is one of over 60 talks planned for the three-day event.

This year marks several changes and additions to the program we’re excited to highlight:

Our medical modeling, simulation, and learning track is being transitioned to a standalone preconference day titled Ludica Medica. As a standalone event, we will be looking to expand its contributions to the larger medical modeling and simulation space and improve its coordination with our Serious Games Day, which includes lots of discussion about simulation and learning in other non-health sectors.

We feel the opportunity to utilize games to help improve issues related to nutrition and food is still not fully realized. We’re investing our conference resources towards improving this area within the games for health field.

We’re revamping our exhibit space again to improve exhibits, expand poster presentations, and add more hands-on demonstrations. We’re especially working to grow our exergaming and active gaming areas with the help of that side of the industry.

Games for Health Conference Structure

The 7th Games for Health Conference is composed of three days of events. The overall conference is the anchor event of our multi-event Games Beyond Entertainment Week.

The core Games for Health Conference features two days of talks, more then 400 attendees, and 40 sessions provided by an international array of over 60 speakers cutting across a wide range of activities in health and health care. Topics include active gaming, rehab and physical therapy, disease management, health behavior change, biofeedback, epidemiology, training, cognitive exercise, nutrition, and health education.

Games for Health features three co-located pre-conference events:

Ludica Medica I: Medical Modeling, Simulation, Learning, and Training with Videogames and Videogame Technologies

In 2011, the Games for Health Conference is improving its coverage of medical modeling, simulation, training, and education with games by moving all of its relevant content into a new pre-conference event titled Ludica Medica. The conference’s playful title serves to emphasize its focus on a number of specific overlaps and specialized contributions that videogames, their associated technologies, and the videogame industry can make in the larger fields of medical modeling, simulation, learning, and training.

Ludica Medica is complementary to the larger medical VR or simulation events by limiting its focus on efforts that tie back to the field of videogames and the potential comparative advantages those ties can bring including lower costs, ease of use, new forms of learning, and the ability to reach a new and large audience.

Topics covered at Ludica Medica will feature a combination of game-specific talks and talks on relevant areas where games overlap with more traditional technologies in the medical learning and training fields. This includes:

– Advancement of game engines to improve their ability to depict health-related systems, biology, and virtual patients

– Conversion of off-the-shelf game technologies including software, hardware, and controllers for use in medical modeling and simulation

– Development of next-generation AI systems to improve key component technologies such as realistic patient interviews

– Innovative game design practices that create new forms of learning and education

– Case studies of games used in training and education programs

– Specialized medical and biological models and visualizations that can be plugged into new games for training and education

– Studies helping identify coefficients and efficacies between game-based motor and cognitive skills and medical performance

Areas of user focus will include medical professionals, including doctors, nurses, medics/EMTs, lab technicians, pharmicists, and other related fields. The conference also will feature discussions about student education (from early education health programs, high-school biology, and professional degree programs) and patient education programs designed to improve their skills and knowledge.

Enabled Play: The 3rd Annual Games Accessibility Day
Tuesday May 17, 2011

Making all games accessible to people with lifelong or temporary physical and/or cognitive disabilities is an important need for the videogame field in general. At the same time the ability to use games to directly help people with disabilities is an important output of the games for health field. Much of the research and development activity in the general field of games accessibility has important crossover benefits to the health field. Enabled Play is an entire event devoted to talks, networking, and demos dedicated to making all games more accessible, and helping people with disabilities play their way to better health and wellness.

Out & About: 2nd Annual Mobile Serious Games Conference
Building on our successful first-run event of last year Out & About is the only day devoted to the opportunities for serious games in the mobile, handheld, and sensor-based gaming spaces. One entire track will be devoted to health related applications. For more information please visit: http://www.seriousgamesfestival.com/ooa/index.html

Games Beyond Entertainment Week

Games for Health is now part of an entire week of events dedicated to the utilization of games beyond personal entertainment. A series of one and two-day conferences designed to explore serious game and emerging market opportunities for videogames and videogame technologies Games Beyond Entertainment Week features over 10 unique events including the 7th Annual Games for Health Conference,/

Games Beyond Entertainment Week is focused on networking, promotion, business development, and knowledge sharing of interest to both the videogame industry and the multitude of sectors using or investing in videogames to further their specific organizational missions. To learn more about Games Beyond Entertainment Week 2011 and its complete menu of events please visit: http://www.gamesbeyondentertainment.com

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