What’s Your Game Prescription?

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In 2009, the current Chief Creative Officer of Electronic Arts <A href=”http://www.interactive.org/about/rich_hilleman.asp&#8221; target=”_blank”>Rich Hilleman</A> was asked, “What game are you most jealous of?”

His answer?

“Brain Age. I would like to be in a business where my game is prescribed by doctors – like Bayer Aspirin was to my dad after his stroke. This is how you impact the world (and the bank account).”

<A HREF=”http://www.interactive.org/news/ten_questions_with_the_academy_rich_hilleman.asp&#8221; target=”_blank”>See Citation Link</A>

That answer has stuck with me for some time. Having a health care provider instruct their patients to play video games to improve their health would be a sign that games have arrived.

A prescription is much more than just an endorsement. It’s the assessment of a need and the placement of a solution in a situated context relevant to the target of the prescription. It’s about why to play them, when to play them, dosage levels, and more. Prescribing a video game isn’t just “go play some DDR.” It’s more like, “DDR three times a week on level 3, for 30 minutes a time, for 20 weeks, to help improve bone density.”

Today we want to pursue a thought exercise inspired by Mr. Hilleman’s 2009 interview. We call this “<a href=”http://game-rx.gamesforhealth.org&#8221; title=”What’s Your Game Prescription?”>What’s Your Game Prescription?</a>” It’s your chance to envision a moment in the future, when some health professional writes you or someone you care for a prescription to play a video game to improve a specific component of your health.

Many of us aspire towards a day when health professionals are at ease to integrate games into their everyday recommendations. By thinking about that ideal future now and thinking backwards from it, we are provided with the ability to better identify the right paths, the best targets, and the important work that’s needed to make your game prescription a reality.

<A HREF=”http://game-rx.gamesforhealth.org”>So join us in this effort, share your thoughts and help envision this future.</A>

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